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Since the beginning of our history, Nisga’a People have worked in alignment with the season, the availability of resources, using collective wisdom, experience, our culture and determination. We’ve worked to fill our nets, our traps, our smokehouses, our preserves. This was our sustenance.

Today we apply the same wisdom, experience, dedication and our culture to employable skills and training. We still work in synchronization with our beautiful Valley and we are also administrators, healthcare providers, accountants, labourers, geo-scientists, tourism guides, drivers, artisans, counsellors, designers, customer service representatives, surveyors, lawyers, teachers and the list goes on. 

Nisga’a people and the Nisga’a Nation continue to sustain, thrive and succeed in our rapidly developing economy.

At Nisga’a Employment, Skills and Training (NEST) we care about and guide our most valuable resource – Nisga’a People. 

Our goal is your employment success.

We will guide you as you develop your employment plan. We’ll provide you with the one-on-one support that you may need as you prepare for employment. Whether you are seeking your first job or wanting to improve your skill set at your current job or any point between. 

Nisga’a Employment, Skills & Training will identify resources, tools or needs that are suitable for you so that you may succeed in finding and keeping meaningful employment. NEST bridges Nisga’a citizens to meaningful, rewarding employment.

Using a three-pillar approach, NEST Employment Advisors work with prospective employers and Nisga’a citizens to find meaningful and demand driven employment. 

NEST works with Nisga’a citizens providing full and comprehensive employment advisory or coaching services that can include:

  • employment readiness,
  • resume writing,
  • certificate training,
  • short-term vocational
  • trades training,
  • mobility support,
  • equipment support,
  • work-gear support,
  • employer-based (work-based) training to upgrade staff skills,
  • Targeted wage subsidies to assist any employer of eligible Nisga’a citizens in our service area.

NEST services are demand driven; as such programs and services can and will evolve to reflect the needs of Nisga’a citizens, employers or employment trends ensuring that NEST continues to create value for its service area. 

NEST serves currently serves the following communities:

  • Gitlaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap, & Gingolx
  • Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, & Port Edward

The Nisga’a Employment, Skills & Training Department provides comprehensive 360 employment advisory services to:

  • Nisga’a citizens
  • Employers that employ Nisga’a citizens
  • Other Nisga’a organizations 

NEST can and will partner with other organizations, training providers, educational institutes, major or regional employers to source meaningful and long-term employment for Nisga’a citizens.

NEST delivers employment value and collaborative energy to employers, unions, stakeholders, partners or training providers in the NEST service area. 

NEST seeks to augment and work with existing programs or services by inter-connecting services to provide comprehensive 360 supports to Nisga’a citizens.


If you fully commit yourself to doing what is required under the NEST process, we will find you meaningful employment, whether it’s your first job, enhancing your career prospects or somewhere in between.   We offer a safe, supportive environment to assist our clients in overcoming employment barriers.


By using our services, we will match your firm with the right employee because our clients are…

  • job ready
  • intelligent
  • have the right attitude
  • reliable
  • professional
  • engaging
  • equipped

Partner Training Organizations  

To optimize our resources, we want to prioritize building partnerships with training and skills development organizations that offer relevant, demand-driven, proven, and accredited/laddered training as needed to our clients.

You can find us on Facebook, or contact us at 1 250 633 2210 or toll free: 1 844 633 2210, email nest@nisgaa.net


Call, Commit, Succeed

Call NEST, Commit to your plan, you will Succeed.



This project is funded in part by the Government of Aboriginal Skills, Employment & Training Strategy



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