Implementation Reports

The governments of the Nisga’a Nation, Canada, and British Columbia are partners in the Nisga’a Final Agreement (the Treaty), which sets out Nisga’a Lands and the Nisga’a people’s right of self-government. Because three governments share responsibility for the Treaty, an implementation committee was formed to provide a forum for the partners to discuss its implementation. Annual implementation reports summarize the progress made each year and are available to the general public. To review these reports, click on the links below.

2000/2001 Annual Report

2001/2002 Annual Report

2002/2003 Annual Report

2003/2004 Annual Report

2004/2005 Annual Report

2005/2006 Annual Report

2006/2008 Annual Report

2008/2009 Annual Report

2010/2011 Annual Report

2011/2012 Annual Report

2012/2013 Annual Report

2013/2014 Annual Report

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