Fiscal Relations & the Fiscal Finance Agreement

The Treaty requires Canada, British Columbia, and the Nisga’a Nation to enter into a Fiscal Financing Agreement (FAA) describing the financial relationship among the Parties. The FFA sets out funding amounts from Canada and British Columbia to NLG for supporting agreed-upon government programs and services, and for supporting treaty implementation activities. The FFA also sets out terms, conditions, and reporting requirements for transfer payments. Canada pays an annual block-fund for federally-supported programs and services, including: education, social development, health, physical works, local government, and non-commercial fisheries. British Columbia also makes an annual payment. Canada and British Columbia may also provide additional program or project funding to NLG to support specific initiatives.

The current Nisga’a Nation Fiscal Financing Agreement was signed by the Parties on February 26, 2010, with effective dates of April 1, 2009, to March 31, 2015. For more information, see the Annual Treaty Implementation Reports here.

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