Nisga'a leaders have long been renowned as captivating public speakers and have given innumerable public addresses across Canada and around the world. Speeches by Nisga'a leaders have made headlines for generations: Late Nisga'a leader James Gosnell's famous response to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, when asked what the Nisga'a owned in relation to the land, stated, "We own it lock, stock, and barrel"; in Dr. Joseph Gosnell's address to the B.C. Legislature, he referred to the Nisga'a Treaty as a "beacon of hope" to aboriginal people world-wide; speeches by the late President Frank Calder, late President Alvin A. McKay, late Nisga'a Nation Ambassador Roderick Robinson, late President Nelson Leeson, and countless others of our leaders proved time and again that indeed, the Nisga'a can easily "dance in both worlds."

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