Jurisdiction & Delegation Authority

Nisga’a Child & Family Services in the Nass Valley is a delegated agency with the responsibility of C3 Resources, C4 Guardianship, and C6 Child protection services. In Terrace and Prince Rupert Delegated authority is at C3 and C4 Level only.

Through the C3 delegation process, our Social Workers have the authority to provide the following services:

  • support services for families
  • voluntary care agreements
  • special needs agreements
  • establishing family care homes

With the C4 delegation, we have the responsibility of guardianship of children in continuing custody.

With the C6 delegation, Nisga’a Child and Family Services Delegated staff are able to conduct child welfare investigations, remove children at risk, and make representations to family court with respect to children in need of protection.

With C6 delegation in the Nass Valley the staff can enter into Out of Care agreements with family and extended family to care for children in the Nass Valley if the children need to come out of the family home. With financial support provided to caregivers will enable children to stay in the Nass Valley being carried for by Family or significant adults in a child’s life who they are close to and supportive to the child.

This is an important step in the evolution of NLG, one that has the potential to make an enormous, positive change in the lives of Nisga’a children and their families.


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