Special Assembly Reports

NLG is committed to maintaining open, honest, and effective channels of communication. Special Assemblies are held every two years, where government members report (both in person and in a printed report) on all areas of governance and public programs. Every Nisga’a citizen has the right to attend and speak at Special Assemblies and the proceedings are webcast to ensure all Nisga’a citizens are able to participate.

Special Assemblies of the Nisga’a Nation are provided for by the Nisga’a Constitution.

Post-reports are published following each biennial Special Assembly.  In respect of the Special Assemblies the reports summarizes and identifies:

• the key issues that were articulated by Nisga’a citizens,

• the responses by NLG in relation to the issues identified, and

• the particular actions items that were, from the record of proceedings, items which

respondents indicated that Nisga’a citizens could expect to see some form of follow up.

Where possible, the reports have attempted to incorporate the language of the speaker i.e. to

use their words and expressions. Minor edits have been made for clarity, and some duplicated

questions and responses omitted. Where there may appear to be ungrammatical expressions, this

is often due to notes which attempt to capture the actual speaking style of the speaker or which

occasionally capture comments in point form.

It is hoped that this report will provide:

• a review of some of the key issues that arose from the conference to ensure that

the comments of Nisga’a citizens are afforded an opportunity to be heard,

• information in response to these questions and comments, and

• identify any actions items to ensure that any such topics are identified and followed-up on.


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