Hobiiyee (Nisga'a New Year) celebrations take place in February when the oolichan return to the Nass Valley.

The following information on Hoobiyee is based on various sources:
Sim’oogit Minee’eskw/(the late) Rod Robinson’s recollections as shared by Sim’oogit Ẃii-Gadim Xsgaak/(the late) Eli Gosnell. This information was verified by the daughter of (late) Eli Gosnell, Sigidim-hanak’ Hgluwilksihlgum Hlbin, Emma Nyce.

Additional information on Hoobiyee was shared by Hlayim Wil/Chester Moore and information heard by Sim’oogit K’eexkw/Herbert Morven from Sim’oogit Hleek/Dr. Joseph Gosnell and confirmed by Sim’oogit Gakw’ihlheen/Hubert Doolan.

Hoobiyee 2012

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