Stone Movings

*Postponed* Stone Moving for (late) Horace Stevens, Albert Stephens...

Stone Moving Feast for (late): Postponed for 1 year

  • Horace Stevens - Sim'oogit Ni'is Joohl
  • Albert Stephens - Ni'is Waks
  • Beatrice Stevens
  • Ella R. Stevens
  • Larry Martin - Wi'it Tsaliks

Ganada - Wilps Ni'is Joohl

*Postponed for 1 year* 

*POSTPONED to MAY 11-12 2018* Stone Moving for (late) Arbutus May Stewart, Earnest (Dino) Angus, Lorene Potornay-Young


Stone Moving 


Arbutus May Stewart

Ernest (Dino) Angus

Steven Doolan Sr

Lorene Potornay-Young

Dave Watts


Wilps Kw’ax̱suu-Stuart Doolan gans Ni’islisy̓aan- Nelson Moore

Ging̱olx, BC



Stone Moving for (late) Percy Haldane.....

Stone Moving Feast for (late):

  • Percy Haldane
  • Rebecca (McKay) Martin
  • Lyle Stevens
  • Amanda Campbell
  • Lorne C. Campbell
  • Trent Campbell

Laxsgiik - Wilps La'ay

Stone Moving Feast for (late) Perry Robinson.....

Stone Moving Feast for (late):

  • Perry Robinson
  • Louise Robinson
  • Maude Calder
  • Annie Evans
  • Pat McKay
  • Elbert McKay
  • Raymond Holata
  • Lorraine Gray

Laxsgiik - Wilps Bayt N'eekhl - Moses McKay

Stone Moving - Leonard Robinson & Bruce Stephens

Stone Moving for the Late:
Leonard Robinson

Bruce Stephens


Wilps Duuk' - Wilps Gwingyoo


Laxgalts'ap, B.C.

Laxgalts'ap Cultural Centre


Stone Moving - Gertrude Guno, Chasity Wells & Cassandra Guno

Stone Moving For the Lates:

Gertrude Guno, Chasity Wells & Cassandra Gun

Ganada - Wilps Luux Hoon

Gitlaxt'aamiks, B.C.


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