Congratulations to the NESS Class of 2017!

On Saturday, June 24, 2017 - Nisga'a Elementary Secondary School (NESS) concluded its Class of 2017 Commencement Ceremony. There were a total of 16 NESS Graduates amongst the class of 2017 that participated in this important milestone.

The commencement ceremony was MC-ed by Derek Azak, grad introductions were done by Charity Peal, opening/closing prayer was done by Alvin Azak, opening remarks was done by NESS Principal Martha Swinn, grads were addressed by NLG President Eva Clayton, grad also addressed by School District No. 92(Nisga'a) Board Member Tabitha Munroe, NESS Class of 2017 Valdictorian Shaina Stephens addressed her fellow graduates, closing remarks were done by the NESS Vice-Principal Dave Crawley and the grads did their Grande Exit. 

The Nisga'a Lisims Government and Nisga'a Nation would like to congratulate the NESS Class of 2017:

  • Nathan Temple - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Donovan Porter - Laxgalts'ap
  • Selina Watts - Laxgalts'ap
  • Tori Azak - Gitwinksihlkw
  • Bailey Azak - Gitwinksihlkw
  • Samuel Burger - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Cynthia Derrick - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Samuel Dyer - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Michelle Laboucane - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Kayla Munroe - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Tristan Nyce - Gtiwinksihlkw
  • Emma Robinson - Gitlaxt'aamiks
  • Yvonne Stanley - Gingolx
  • Shaina Stephens - Laxgalts'ap
  • Raven Stevens - Gingolx
  • Sabrina Stevens - Gitlaxt'aamiks

Two of the graduates who were Michelle Laboucane and Samuel Burger presented the NESS Highschool Teachers with small gifts as tokens of their appreciation in their graduate success which was an impecible display of gratitude and respect.

Si'aamhl Wilin NESS Class of 2017, the sky is the limit!

Photos of the entire commencement ceremony could be found here:


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