Council of Elders appointees take oath of office

As a first order of business at the monthly NLG Executive meeting on January 20, 2015, newly appointed Regular and Alternate members of the Council of Elders took their Oath of Office as administered by the Chairperson of the Council of Elders Sigidimnak' Angaye'e - Shirley Morven.

Pursuant to NLG Executive Resolution 2014/147, the Executive has appointed the following for a 2 year term commencing in January 2015 and ending in December of 2016:

Regular Members:

  • Sim'oogit HLEEK - Dr. Joseph Gosnell, Sr., Gitlaxt'aamiks - Laxsgiik
  • Sim'oogit DAAXAN - Perry Azak, Gitwinksihlkw - Gisk'aast
  • Sim'oogit WISIN XBIL'TKW - Andrew Mercer, Laxgalts'ap - Gisk'aast
  • Sim'oogit GWISK'AAYN - Nelson Clayton, Gingolx - Laxgibuu

Alternate Members:

  • Sim'oogit KSIM XSAAN - Oscar Mercer, Gitlaxt'aamiks - Ganada
  • Sim'oogit NI'ISBAKHL - C. Stephen Azak, Gitwinksihlkw - Gisk'aast
  • KSIBILAA - Elsie Campbell, Laxgalts'ap - Laxsgiik
  • Sim'oogit HAYM'AAS - Chester Moore, Gingolx - Ganada

In his congratulatory remarks President Stevens stated, "The Council of Elders play a very important role in the decisions that the government makes." He further thanked each of them for their willingness to serve on the Council.

The new appointees will join the existing Council of Elders who complete their term of office in December of 2015, who are:

Regular members – C. Gary Davis, Jacob Nyce, Alan Moore and Harry Moore

Alternate members – Lorene Plante, Mercy Moore, Hester McKay and P. John Stewart

The Council is established pursuant to the Constitution of the Nisga'a Nation and the Nisga'a Government Act to nurture the spirit of the Nisga'a Nation; provide guidance to interpretation of the Ayuuk; and advise Nisga'a Government on matters relating to the traditional values of the Nisga'a Nation.

For more photos of yesterday's ceremony, visit our photo album HERE

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