MMA fighter Billy Morrison wins 17 seconds into the first round.

On October 17, 2015, Billy Morrison of Laxgalts'ap BC won his fight 17 seconds into first round in Battlefield Fight League 39 (Halloween Hell). It was at Vancouver Hardrock Casino where many Battlefield fans came out to see the Event "Halloween Hell". Morrison came out holding his flag with pride as he took to the cage fearless, determined and ready for whatever they put in front of him. As in ready? Morrison trains 6 days a week 4 - 6 hours a day.  

Morrison who is Ganada from WIlps Axdii Wil Luugooda says:

                "I am very interested in mixed martial arts. I've trained MMA as a hobby for around 10 years. I train off and on at the Dungeon and train with different students and friends in Laxgalts'ap.  One day, a good friend and training partner, Cody Gurney (also from Laxgalts'ap), began training with Marc Beer at Atlantis Tae Kwon Do/MMA,  Cody was getting ready for his first MMA fight. He was in need of a steady sparring partner so i began training with Marc and the guys at Atlantis. Soon after I began to train at the Dungeon again myself. 

Seeing all my team mates competing gave me the drive to compete again. As a result, I currently train at two gyms in Terrace B.C.  The Dungeon MMA ran by Petro Tsares where I train in three different styles; brazilian ju-jitsu, no-gi ju-jitsu and judo.  At Atlantis Taekwondo/MMA I train with Cody Skog who is our striking coach. We also train with Marc Beer. He is our coach and trainer, he helps us put it all together. My constant in my training as first a hobby then as a competitor in MMA were Petro Tsares and my older brother Don Morrison who has also fought competitively.  They showed me that MMA was not just about rolling around and kicking its a way of life.  You need to change your whole outlook on your life in order for you to be successful not only in MMA  but in your life as well.

                 I also run a small gym out of my own out of my home in Laxgalts'ap, the Young Warriors MMA club. I teach Bully Proof to children ranging in age from 4 years old right up to teenagers and young adults, both male and female. I do this because it equips our children with the skills to take care of themselves, gives them an awareness that bullying is wrong and help these children learn self control as well as boosting their self esteem.  I also do MMA cross training with many of the athletes in my home community. The main philosophy we adhere to as a group is support through discipline and respect for first ourselves and as well to all we come in contact with in our daily lives.  We practice this in our training through various alternative training techniques such as stamina and strength training using our bodies as equipment in order to make daily living easier on elders in our community by in winter shovelling walks for them and in the warmer months cleaning yards.

                As a young Nisga'a my many grandparents, maternal and paternal taught me different things about how to be a strong respectable Nisga'a man.  Throughout my younger days I went by the wayside and experimented in some risky behaviours as some youth do,  this has taught me many things and this is part of the reason why I try to instill values and ethics into our youth that join our Young Warriors Club.  All children need someone to believe in them, even when it gets hard to.

                 I'd like to thank everyone for their support recently and historically, I truly felt the pride and power as a Nisga'a warrior.  Thank you to the Greenville Athletic Club, The Nisga'a Lisims Government as well as all of the parents of The Young Warriors Club who came forward with financial aid for travel, etc. It was both overwhelming and humbling to realize the faith that people had in me," said Morrison.


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