NLG - COVID-19 Summary of Federal & Provincial Benefits

Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government in collaboration with MNP has compiled a series of comprehensive resource documents in respect of evolving Provincial and Federal COVID-19 Programs and Benefits that Nisg̱a’a citizens and Nisg̱a’a businesses may be eligible for.  Each document provides a high level summary of each program and eligibility requirements for Nisg̱a’a citizens if they are already receiving an existing Federal, Provincial or Nisg̱a’a program or service (such as social assistance or Nisg̱a’a Post-Secondary Education Assistance). 

The information may be found on our website, and downloadable pdf links are available at the bottom of each page at the following links:

NLG and MNP will also be hosting a series of Webinars in the coming weeks to present this information and also answer questions and queries from Nisg̱a’a citizens and Nisg̱a’a businesses alike during these unprecedented times, so stay tuned!

The information will be updated as new announcements are made by both levels of government, so please check our website regularly. 

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