Popular Sports Fishing Site Designated Nisg̱a’a Recreation Site

Popular Sports Fishing Site Designated Nisg̱a’a Recreation Site

The Hlginx (Ishkeenickh River) – a popular sports fishing site on Nisg̱a’a Lands has been designated a Nisg̱a’a Recreation Site pursuant to the Nisg̱a’a Forest Act  (the “Act”) by the Director of Lands & Resources on April 3, 2020.

Section 70 (1) of the Act states, “if the director determines that it is necessary to protect a recreation resource or manage public recreation use, the director may, by written order posted in the area to which it applies, restrict, prohibit or attach a condition to non-recreational use, except a use that is specifically permitted by or under another enactment.”

The Hlginx Recreation Site will be open seasonally and public use is now subject to the following rules by both Nisg̱a’a and non-Nisga’a alike:

  • Day use only – no overnight camping or parking
  • Campfires in designated fire pits only
  • No alcohol or marijuana permitted

The Site is gated and will be actively monitored by NLG’s Department of Compliance and Enforcement.  If any of the rules are contravened, perpetrators will be subject to fines.

Please note that the Site remains closed due to COVID-19 and will remain closed until it is determined safe to re-open.

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