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March 26, 2013

What is happening between Nisga'a Lisims Government and the Terrace Nisga'a Society?

The President of Nisga'a Lisims Government (NLG) has recently sent a letter to all Nisga'a citizens ordinarily resident in Terrace over the age of 18 informing them that recent steps taken by the Terrace Nisga'a Society (TNS) have led the NLG Executive to reconsider the Nisga'a Nation's relationship with TNS and how services and government participation may be best provided to Nisga'a citizens ordinarily resident in Terrace.  The letter further stated that

  • NLG intends to terminate its funding agreement with TNS as of July 31, 2013; and
  • NLG has advised TNS that its occupancy at 4441 Lakelse Ave (the Nisga'a Building which is owned by the Nisga'a Nation) will be terminated effective July 31, 2013.

Why has NLG terminated its occupancy and funding agreement with TNS?

These steps were required due to actions taken by TNS which the NLG Executive has concluded have the effect of rupturing the relationship between TNS and the larger Nisga'a Nation, including by:

  • unilaterally and without notice, amending its bylaws effective December 13, 2012, to no longer provide for Nisga'a Urban Local Representatives to be members of the society's board of directors by virtue of their election; and
  • further distancing itself from the Nation by commencing a lawsuit against the Nisga'a Nation, which the Nation considers to be without merit, alleging breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duty in addition to seeking substantial damages from the Nation.

How was this decision to terminate the occupancy and the funding agreement made?

The decision to terminate the occupancy and the funding agreement was taken by the NLG Executive after conferring with members of the Council of Elders and upon careful consideration of what is best for the Nisga'a Nation, including Nisga'a citizens living in the Terrace Urban Local Area.

Will Nisga'a citizens continue to have a place to gather and receive services?

Yes.  Between now and the end of July, 2013, the NLG Executive will review the services currently provided to Nisga'a citizens residing in Terrace.  NLG fully expects that during and after this period of transition, services will be maintained at least at the same levels as those that are currently provided.  Nisga'a citizens will continue to receive those services at the Nisga'a Building in Terrace.

After July 31, NLG will ensure that Nisga'a citizens will continue to receive services provided through the Terrace Urban Local and have a place to gather at the Nisga'a Building in Terrace.

In addition, NLG will be hiring an individual to coordinate the transition from TNS to the Terrace Urban Local to assist in the delivery of urban local programs and services.

What is the difference between the Terrace Nisga'a Urban Local and the Terrace Nisga'a Society?

The Terrace Nisga'a Urban Local is recognized under the Nisga'a Constitution for the purpose of providing political representation for Nisga'a citizens living in Terrace to NLG through the election of two Nisga'a Urban Local representatives.  The TNS is a society which is a corporate entity under provincial law, established for the administration of funds for services to be provided to the Nisga'a citizens in Terrace.  NLG has previously contracted with TNS for the provision of services to Nisga'a citizens living in Terrace. 

How can I keep informed about what is happening?

NLG will continue to provide information to Nisga'a citizens through our website at www.nisgaanation.ca and also through our facebook page.  


We want to assure you, and all Nisga'a citizens living in the Terrace Urban Local Area, that NLG has the needs of Nisga'a citizens foremost in mind during this period of transition. 

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