Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts’aawit is the recipient of the Ehor Boyanowsky Academic of the Year Award

"Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts’aawit is the recipient of the Ehor Boyanowsky Academic of the Year Award. Dr. Parent is Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Indigenous Education & Governance in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. She receives this award in recognition of her project “Raising Nisga’a Language, Sovereignty, and Land-Based Education Through Traditional Carving knowledge,” which successfully established an international precedent for the rematriation of the Ni’isjoohl memorial totem pole from Scotland. This project produced ground-breaking outcomes that are expanding the paradigm of Indigenous methodologies, Indigenous governance, decolonizing museum practices, enhancing partnerships for decolonization and reconciliation, and sharing research knowledge."

The Nisga'a Nation recogizes and congratulates our very own Ksim Nisga'a Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts'aawit on all of her achievements and particularly her work with the recent Wilps Ni'isjoohl Totem Pole Rematriation Event in partnership with the Nisga'a Museum and NLG Communications and Intergovernmental Relations Department. It was indeed a historic milestone not only for the Nisga'a Nation but it opened up doors of opportunity for indigenous peoples in general by way of reclaiming their integral artifacts that depict a rich culture and history. 

Si'aamhl Wilin Noxs Ts'aawit!


Website resources: 

CUFA BC Website: https://cufa.bc.ca/cufa-bc-announces-recipients-of-the-2024-distinguishe...

Dr. Amy Parent Website: https://www.amyparent.ca/

Nisga'a Lisims Government Website: https://www.nisgaanation.ca/event/wilps-niisjoohl-memorial-totem-pole-re...


Photo credit: CUFA BC 

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