Maddy Niesh is playing in the BC Elite Hockey League as an Underage Player


The following is a letter that the Nation received:


Roberta asked that I send you some pictures with some information about my daughter Maddy Niesh, who is playing in the British Columbia Elite Hockey League as an underage player.


Maddy Niesh is granddaughter to Virginia L. Azak and great granddaughter to the late Alice Azak of Gitwinksihlkw.


Maddy had never skated until my cousin, Shylo Gerritsen, decided to take her to a public skating session with her family. Maddy was 6 years old at that time and after that she knew that skating was going to be her thing.  Maddy joined the Canskate Program with the Prince Rupert Figure Skating Club which she loved and excelled at moving through many levels in one season.  She ended up getting the Junior Canskater of the year trophy at the end of the season.  The next year Maddy stayed with the PR Figure Skating Club and also joined Prince Rupert Minor Hockey as a new hockey player starting at the Initiation A level, and then advancing to Initiation B after 2 weeks, then by Christmas she was skating with her peers at the Novice level.  


Female hockey was never an option in Prince Rupert so Maddy played hockey with boys at her age level and older. I believe playing integrated hockey really helped with her hockey skills and also that she was a very fast skater.


Maddy was committed to the Northern Capitals U18 Female AAA  hockey team as an underage player this past September.  The level of hockey is quite high, compared to what she has been used to and she seems to be adjusting well as a younger player.


Maddy also still continues to figure skate and is now with the Northern BC Centre for Skating in Prince George.  She is currently working on her last component of completing her Star 5 level.  Once she turns 16 years of age, she plans on taking her coaching certification for the Canskate and Canpower programs.  Maddy has been a program assistant in these programs since she was 10 years old, helping the younger skaters with their skating skills.  This is something she very much enjoys, she just recently got to work with the Director of Skating in the Canpower programs working with the young skaters and their powerskating skills.


Maddy will be trying out for the Team BC U18 Female Hockey team that will be participating in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships which will be hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 7-14, 2023.  Maddy tried out for this team last year as an underage player and was rostered as an alternate player, meaning if another player was unable to make it, she would be able to attend.  The coaches told her that they hope to see her at next year's selection camp.  Let's hope she makes this team and is able to represent Nisga'a Nation.


I have attached some pictures, if you have any questions, please let me know.


Maria Niesh


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