Nisg̱a’a Youth Virtual Treaty Simulation

Nisg̱a’a Youth Participate in Virtual Treaty Negotiation & Implementation Simulation

Eleven Nisg̱a’a Youth participated in a virtual Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulation from August 4-6, 2020.

The youth participants took part in a 3-day simulation under the guidance of treaty experts, emerging leaders negotiated and implemented wildlife sections of a fictitious treaty in the first-ever online simulation. We want to give special thanks to Secretary-Treasurer Corinne McKay, Tlicho leader John B. Zoe and Gwichin Deputy Grand Chief Jordan Petersen who shared treaty knowledge with our Nisga’a Youth participants.

On Day 1, the youth asked the leaders questions about their experience in negotiating and implementing modern treaties.  The following 2 days had the youth fully engaged in simulation scenarios in negotiating and implementing provisions of the Nisg̱a’a Treaty.  The youth rotated in the roles of representatives of the Nisg̱a’a Nation and the Governments of British Columbia and Canada.

The Simulation – designed by the Gordon Foundation and previously delivered in-person, is intended to engage youth with their leadership while providing an avenue for youth to research and learn about their modern treaties.  Many thanks to Vivien and Michelle from the Gordon Foundation for working with us to deliver the first ever online simulation with Zoom.

T̓ooyaḵsiy̓ n̓isim̓ to everyone who took part in the Gordon Foundation and Nisga’a Lisims Government Online Youth #TreatySimulation.


Si’aamhl wilsim̓

  1. Leilani Wright
  2. Dakota Price
  3. Christopher Griffin
  4. Keyanna Moore
  5. Mary Angus
  6. Kaitlyn Robinson
  7. Logan Angus
  8. Alberta Evans
  9. Callista Evans 
  10. Steffen Barton
  11. Gelisa Adams 

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