Nisga’a Village Lands

Granted Village lands Former reserves that contain the four Nisga’a Villages, along with the expansions to those former reserves, were granted in fee simple to the respective Village by the Nisga’a Nation on the effective date of the Nisga’a Final Agreement.

For these lands, the respective Village has both ownership of the land and the ability to enact laws with respect to land use. The resources, however, were not included in the fee simple grant and continue to be owned by the Nisga’a Nation, and resource objectives and policies in this plan will apply. Designated Village lands Former reserves were designated as Village Lands of the respective Village as of the effective date of the Nisga’a Final Agreement.

This means that the respective Village Government has the ability to pass laws with respect to land use on these lands, although the Nation continues to own the land and resources. This shared responsibility for the lands means that Nisga’a Nation and the respective Village need to work closely together on land use and management issues. Exceptions to Village lands Two former reserves, former IR 10 (Fishery Bay / Stony Point) and former IR 41 (Lakata) were identified prior to the Nisga’a Final Agreement as being reserves shared between two former Nisga’a Bands. In these cases, both ownership of, and jurisdiction over, the former Indian Reserves remains with the Nisga’a Nation.


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