Gitmaxmakay (Prince Rupert/Port Edward)

Stone Moving for the late Ida Russ


Ida Russ

Franklin Russ

Pearl Russ-Kalman


Wilps Wisin Xblil'tkw

Wedding - Daniel Stephens / Caryn Young

Son of Late Percy Stephens and Darlene Stephens

Daughter of Ira Good / Sharon Watts / Greta Makue

Lax̱sgiik / Lax̱gibuu

Wilps Laay̓ g̱ans Wilps Kw’ax̱suu

Prince Rupert, B.C.

Stone Moving for the late Adam Moore

Son of Inez Shanoss

Gisḵaast - Wilps W̓ii Lax̱ha (Peter Stevens)

Gwilks Haldim Guutkw- Feast Honoring Assistance to Sim'oogit Hay'maas- Chester Moore


Date: Saturday, April 22nd 2017 

Location:  Nisga'a Hall,860 3rd Ave west, Prince Rupert,BC

Doors Open: 4:00 pm, feast to start @ 5:00pm 


Financial Contributions : 

Vanessa Morgan- Gitwinksihlkw -250-633-2898

Bobbi Morgan- Prince Rupert-250-615-1498

Virginia Stewart- Gingolx

Corinne Mckay- Laxgalts'ap - 250-621-3280


On February 13th, 2017 Sim'oogit Hay'maas, Chester Moore fell near the enterance of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre


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