Gitmaxmakay (Prince Rupert/Port Edward)

Wedding - Randell Innes / Janine Bolton

Wedding - Randell Innes / Janine Bolton (Innes)


(late) Ralph Innes & (late) Irma Innes

Laura Bolton & Gerry Innes

Laxgibuu / Gisk'aast

Wilps Duuk' gans Larry Bolton (Kitkatla)

Ceremony at 200 - 4th Avenue West, Anglican Church at 2pm

Banquet and Dance to follow at Nisga'a Hall

Prince Rupert, B.C.

Wedding - Craig Adams/Tracy Lee Calder

Craig Adams / Tracy Lee Calder

Craig's Parents - Judy Angus / (late) Mike Adams

Tracy Lee's Parents - Harvey Calder / Marlene Gladstone

Ganada / Wilps Ksim Xsaan wil w'itkws Craig

Ksim Laxgibuu / Wilps Kw'axsuu wil w'itkws Tracey Lee


Wedding - Julia Watts & Clyde Smith

Wedding - Julia Watts & Clyde Smith
Daughter of (late) Harvey Watts; Sharon Watts/Ira Good

Son of (late) Ronald Smith, Sr.; Betsy Smith/Robert Milton

Laxgibuu / Laxsgiik


Fisheries & Wildlife Community Consultations - Prince Rupert/Port Edward



Community Consultations for Prince Rupert / Port Edward

RE: Nisga'a Fisheries & Wildlife Department

Location: Nisga'a Hall

Date: April 14, 2015 (Tuesday)

Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Note: Nisga'a Enrolment and Eligibility will also be on site to issue any Nisga'a cards needed (Fishing, Hunting, Citizenship).

Supper will be provided

20th Anniversary Wedding Renewal - Claude & Tanya Barton

Wilps Kwa Kaans (Claude Barton Sr.) - Laxsgiik Pdeek

Wilps W'ii Laxha (Peter Stevens Sr) - Gisk'aast Pdeek

Wedding - Crystal Young & Arthur Collison

Wilps Kwax'suu - Laxgibuu Pdeek' (Crystal)

Crystal Young is the daughter of Greta Young, Sharon Watts & Ira Good Sr. 

Haida Eagle (Arthur)

Arthur Collison is the son of Donna Haldane, Pansey Collison & Arthur Collison Sr.


Mr & Mrs Potornay - Feast of Thanksgiving

Feast of Thanksgiving - Cleansing Feast due to 2 car accicents

Wilps Kwaxsuu - Laxgibuu Pdeek'

Northwest Cannery Workers Reunion

June 13-14, 2014

Celebrating Northwest Cannery Workers Reunion with local talent, cultural and social dancing, photo displays and storytelling.

Celebrating 125 North Pacific Cannery

Free event, pre-register for tickets at̓/reunion


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