Nisga'a Fisheries provides a wide range of services, all carried out by well trained dedicated staff. The Nisga'a Fisheries Program (NFP) has been constantly recognized nationally and internationally for its stewardship of the Nass River. Because of the superior management of the watershed, the Nass River produces the highest quality of salmon in the world.

This has allowed for funding and productive partnerships with sources such as Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Pacific Salmon Commission, Pacific Salmon Foundation, and the BC government. Following are some of the functions and services provided by Nisga'a Fisheries.:

• Marine stewardship.

• Sale Fishery marine patrols.

• Nass Area crab surveys.

• Supervision and regulation of Nisga'a Commercial Fishery.

• Nisga'a salmon catch monitoring — includes four catch monitors in each of the Villages.

• Nisga'a oolichan catch monitoring — occurs on an annual basis, and includes some biological sampling.

• Non-salmon catch monitoring occurs yearly

• In-river recreational monitoring. Streams monitored have included: Kincolith, Tseax, Cranberry, Meziadin, and the Ishkheenickl (Hlingx) River.

• Escapement/conservation programs for Nass salmon and Steelhead stocks.

• Management infrastructure, buildings, and capital equipment for and administration of NFP.

• Safety training for Nisga'a staff include: swift water rescue, first aid, boat safety, and bear safety. The above list is by no means exhaustive, but does give a general idea of the responsibility and type of work performed by Nisga'a Fisheries.

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