Firewood Permit

An eligible person may apply to the Nisga'a Lands Directorate for a firewood permit. General conditions include:

• An application for a firewood permit must be in a form specified by the director, and contain the information required by the director.
• The director must not issue a firewood permit to an applicant who has, on land the applicant owns or occupies, sufficient timber that is reasonably accessible for the purpose specified in the application, or is the holder of another firewood permit.
• A firewood permit must be for a term not exceeding one year.
• A firewood permit must give its holder the right to harvest timber from an area of land for the purposes specified in it.
• Must be limited to a volume of timber not exceeding 50 m³.
• Must provide for the payment to the Nisga’a Nation of a fee prescribed by regulation.

May contain other terms and conditions, consistent with this Act and the regulations, that the director considers necessary.

• A holder of a firewood permit must not sell timber harvested under the permit.

Application can be made to NLG main reception during regular business hours.

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