Nisga'a Fisheries & Wildlife provides services that are designed to fulfill our main directive — which is to protect wildlife habitat. Some of our services include:

  • Monitoring wildlife in the Nass Wildlife Area.
  • Surveying and recording grizzly bear, mountain goat, and moose populations.
  • Issuing hunting licences and permits.
  • Enforcement of hunting regulations.
  • Establishing annual hunting allocations for specific species.
  • Monitoring trapping (respecting rights, but ensuring they are performed in accordance with laws of general application).
  • Establishing rules and regulations as they pertain to wildlife in Nisga'a Lands.
  • Developing conservation plans and conducting research. As part of our services, we are working hard to bring back the Moose population in the Nass Wildlife Area. The moose population has been in decline in recent years, and we are conducting extensive research in order to restore moose stocks back to healthy sustainable levels.

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