Cultural Forest Resources

Aside from prescribed botanical forest products, there are a range of other forest resources that are important to Nisga’a citizens. These include medicinal products, foods and specific tree species that are required for cultural and ceremonial purposes. In order to ensure that the supply of these products is maintained for personal use of Nisga’a citizens in the long term, it is important to both clearly identify
habitat areas that support various cultural forest products, and to manage the forest in such a way that the resources continue to be available. It is recognized that more information needs to be collected by Nisga’a Lisims Government about the projected need for cultural forest products in order to ensure that planning protects these resources for community use in the long term.

Cultural Forest Products policies:

• Forest management decisions will consider cumulative effects on the appropriate habitat for cultural forest products across all of Nisga’a Lands.
• Access to harvesting areas for cultural forest products will not be unduly restricted by forest management practices.
• Land use decisions within the Cultural Forest Products zone will be supported by as assessment of cultural forest resources.
• No incompatible use will be permitted in areas designated through the assessment as necessary for the long-term supply of cedar for cultural purposes.

"The valley is the wealth of the Nisga’a…This is a culture that transforms everything – masks, spoons, totem poles, the cedar panels of finely wrought long houses- into elaborate works of art".
— Nisga'a / People of the Nass River

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