Non-timber Forest Products

Non-timber forest products on Nisga'a Lands include botanical forest products. Prescribed botanical forest products currently include eleven different mushroom species as well as fiddleheads. Other products may be prescribed by regulation. Botanical forest products are recognized as an important economic resource for the Nisga’a Nation, and special protective measures have been enacted through the Nisga’a Final Agreement for the area known as the pine mushroom polygon. Botanical forest products, however, can be found in many areas of Nisga’a Lands.


Botanical Forest Products policies:

• Forest Management decisions will consider cumulative effects on the appropriate habitat for botanical forest products across all of Nisga’a Lands.

• Access to harvesting areas for botanical forest products will not be unduly restricted by forest management practices.

• Land use decisions within the Botanical Forest Products zone will be supported by an assessment of botanical forest products habitat.

• No incompatible use will be permitted in areas identified through the assessment process as productive pine mushroom habitat.


Current prescribed botanical forest products are:

• Pine Mushroom

• Black Morel

• Oyster Mushroom

• King Boletus

• Blue Chanterelle

• Funnel Chanterelle

• Lobster Mushroom

• Chicken of the Woods

• Hedgehog Mushroom

• Cauliflower Mushroom

• Fiddleheads

Harvesting BFP's on Nisga'a Lands

A permit is required to harvest or sell BFP's on Nisga'a Lands.  A permit can be obtained during regular business hours at the NLG administration building in Gitlakdamiks.  THe fee for the permit is determined through regulation (link to Nisga'a Fees and admin charges reg).

Botanical Forest Products Map attached



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