NLG collects funds necessary to ensure silviculture obligations required under the forest act are completed.  The obligation may be passed on to a licencee or be retained by NLG.  The intention is to have these funds available when the silviculture activities are administered; this may occur up to 15 years after harvesting.

Silviculture levies are collected and coded specifically to an individual Timbermark, and are payable on all volume scaled and avoidable waste and residue. 

The primary function of the Silviculture Levies collected by NLG is to reforest a harvested area to a free-growing standard.

Prior to May 2005 all obligations for reforestation have been held by NLG.  The Nisga’a Public Lands Licence requires the licensee, Lisims Forest Resources LP to meet all reforestation requirements.  An “average” total silviculture cost was calculated and has been fixed in the Licence document.  The expectation is that some blocks will not require the full amount, while others may require additional funds.

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